We bring you a vast array of Flooring Options Engineered by expert who take pride in thier craft

Modular Carpet and & Broadloom

we offer a consultative relationship based on fully understanding your needs.

Wall Base, Stair System & Molding

In addition to collaborative spaces defined by bright accents or hard wearing materials, its vital to provide quiet working space.

LVT & Non Vinyl Resilient Tiles

We listen and help you choose the right solutions for your specific workplace

Project Management

We select the most appropriate collection for each workspace for example a dynamic hard wearing floor for busy collaborative areas.

Heterogenous & Homogenous Sheet

With our extensive range of product types you get perfectly fit for purpose flooring

Design &

We offer many flooring solutions to help reduce noise pollutions, while also providing a soft and comfortable surface.

Ruber Tile & Sheet

Whether it is traditional or open plan, casual or formal. Clearly defined spaces provide a sense of movement and purpose.

Portfolio Consultation

Our products are expertly engineered to deliver a floor that works harder and smarter.


Workplace Solutions that perform

You will find a range of advanced technologies across our entire portfolio, so you can have the optimal flooring products for any set of performance needs and the most challenging workplace demands